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Sandro R. Müller (born November 18, 1955 in Wiesbaden ) is a German organist .

From 1979 he studied organ with Gerd Zacher at the Folkwang University in Essen , but was not admitted to the exam due to a lack of attendance certificates and left the university without a degree. He has been organist at the Old Reformed Church in Wuppertal since 1979 and is also employed by the city as a cemetery organist .

Müller hardly appears in public and was unknown to the professional world until, from 1994 (supported by the Stiftung Kunst und Kultur NRW), he recorded L'Orgue Mystique by Charles Tournemire , which he had been involved with since his youth. Of the expected 14 to 15 CDs, eight had been released by 2004. These first recordings caused a sensation in the specialist press due to their perfection, but also led to discussions as to whether the interpretation of the L'Orgue Mystique, originally intended for French organs, was appropriate on German organs. In addition, they made Charles Tournemire, who was almost forgotten in Germany, better known again. In the meantime (2014) the entire cycle has been released on the Cybele Records label, recorded on six different organs:

Vol. 1-2: Alexander Schuke organ (2 manuals, 27 registers, 1968) Old Reformed Church, Wuppertal-Elberfeld

Vol. 3-4: Rieger organ (4 manuals, 58 stops, 1969/70) Marienstatt Abbey, Marienstatt

Vol. 5-6: Seifert / Weyland organ (3 manuals, 42 registers, 1929/1933) Liebfrauen-Kirche, Bottrop-Eigen

Vol. 7-9: Rieger organ (3 manuals, 45 registers, 1992) Stifts- und Provsteikirche St. Mariä Himmelfahrt, Kleve

Vol. 10-12: Rieger organ (3 manuals, 44 registers, 1995) Holy Cross Church, Zweibrücken

Vol. 13-14: Jann organ (5 manuals, 103 registers, 1989) Stiftsbasilika Waldsassen, Waldsassen

There is also a CD on which Müller plays works by Juan Bautista Cabanilles .

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