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Submarine Sang-o-class , stranded in South Korea, where issued

The Sang-o class is a North Korean class of diesel-electric submarines .

The boats were designed in Sinpo from 1991 and about four to six units per year were manufactured in the following period. In 1997 production dropped to three submarines and no production figures are known for the following years.

The submarine has a crew of 19 people and can also transport up to six divers. It is used for espionage purposes in South Korea , in particular for smuggling in and picking up spies .

There are two variants with different armament. One variant has torpedo tubes , the other can lay sea ​​mines .

Technical specifications

  • Speed:
    • surfaced: 7.6 kn
    • submerged with snorkel and diesel drive: 7.2 kn
    • submerged with electric drive: 8.9 kn
  • Length: approx. 38.5 m
  • Width: approx. 4.1 m
  • Draft: approx. 4.0 m
  • Armament:
    • two to four 533 mm torpedo tubes with Russian torpedoes type 53-56 or
    • around 16 sea mines


A ship of this class wrecked off the South Korean coast in 1996. This led to the Korean submarine incident in 1996 and kept the United Nations Security Council busy .

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