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Satellite (from the Latin satelles 'companion') stands for:



  • Satellite (space travel) , an artificial spacecraft that orbits a celestial body in a fixed orbit
  • a broadcast satellite for the description of the transmission path of television and radio programs ( "reception via satellite" )
  • Satellite (aviation) , extension building to an existing airport terminal
  • Satellite (loudspeakers) , for sound systems or home theater systems a small mid-range loudspeaker
  • Control satellite , a combination element used in Citroën vehicles
  • Short for satellite vehicle in warehouse logistics, a canal vehicle for the automatic operation of canal warehouses, see Shuttle (warehouse technology)
  • Satellite site, a website optimized for search engines, see under bridge site
  • SMS Satellit , a torpedo cannon boat of the Austro-Hungarian Navy that was put into service in 1893

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