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Saviem was a French manufacturer of commercial vehicles ( trucks and buses ). The name Saviem is an acronym for S ociété A nonyme de V éhicules I ndustriels et d ' E quipements M écaniques .


The company belonged to the Renault group and was founded in 1955 from the brands Somua , Latil and Renault's commercial vehicle division.

From 1967 to 1977 Saviem cooperated with the German MAN . MAN sold in Germany light trucks from Saviem under his own name and used a forward-control - cab of Saviem for its own heavy-duty trucks (types F7 to F9). In return, Saviem was able to sell the medium to heavy hooded wagons from the MAN range under its own name in France.

In the 1970s , Saviem was part of the club of four , in which Saviem cooperated with Magirus-Deutz , Volvo and DAF to develop a light to medium-weight model (from 1971) and build (from 1975).

In 1975 the Renault Group took over the truck and bus division ( Berliet ) from the Michelin Group and transferred Berliet and Saviem to " Renault Véhicules Industriels " (RVI) by 1978 . As a result, “Saviem” and “Berliet” were merged and the products had been called “Renault” since 1979, which made the name “Saviem” disappear.




Licensed buildings

In the former Czechoslovakia , a light truck under the company name Avia has been built since 1967 with the license from Saviem .

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