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Fideuà with Norway lobster

As Scampi [ scampi ] ( ital. Plural of scampo ) in Italy and other Mediterranean countries is lobster ( Nephrops norvegicus ), respectively. The name has established itself primarily in the catering industry and is now used internationally.

According to German food law , only the species Nephrops norvegicus and the species of the genus Metanephrops may be sold as scampi. In the catering industry, instead of the more lobster-like and real scampi that live on the seabed like this, different shrimps are often offered as "scampi" in an anti-competitive manner . The obvious difference between the (unpeeled) animals is the claws of the Norway lobster, while the shrimp have antennae . In terms of taste, scampi differ in their sweetness from shrimp.

Individual evidence

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