Bowl snails

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Bowl snails
Spotted bowl snail (Discus rotundatus)

Spotted bowl snail ( Discus rotundatus )

Subclass : Orthogastropoda
Superordinate : Heterobranchia
Order : Lung snails (pulmonata)
Subordination : Land snails (Stylommatophora)
Superfamily : Punctoidea
Family : Bowl snails
Scientific name
Tryon , 1866

The bowl snails (Patulidae or Discidae), also called button snails , are a family from the suborder of the land snails (Stylommatophora). They are mostly small shapes with a flat casing.


The right-hand winding cases are flat-conical and small to medium-sized (up to approx. 7 mm in diameter). The whorls are rounded, the navel is wide. The shell is thin and translucent. It is mostly brownish and the surface is roughly ribbed across. The eggs are relatively large; the animals are oviparous, d. H. Finished little animals hatch from the eggs.

Occurrence and way of life

The family is distributed Holarctic, with the maximum diversity in North America. There are only three species in Europe. They live in forests under leaves or on rotten wood.


The family of bowl snails (Discidae) belongs to the superfamily Punctoidea. The scientific name is still unclear. The oldest surname is based on a younger synonym of Discus , Patula Held, 1837. While some authors indicate the priority of this surname, other authors use the Discus- based but younger and more commonly used surname Discidae. In older publications, the Endodontidae family is referred to as bowl snails. In this older view, however, the species of the genus Discus , which are known as bowl snails i. e. S. are included in the family Endodontidae. Today the families Endodontidae and Discidae (= Patulidae) are considered as separate families.


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