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The Schütz-Jahrbuch is an essay volume that has been published annually since 1979 and contains musicological treatises on music and musical culture in the 17th century, preferably in the vicinity of the composer Heinrich Schütz . Most of the articles are published in German and occasionally also in English.


Kurt Gudewill , President of the International Heinrich Schütz Society , played a key role in founding the yearbook in 1979.


One of the main focuses of the yearbook are the presentations and lectures of the Heinrich Schütz Days and the International Heinrich Schütz Festival. In addition, free contributions are published, as well as Schütz bibliographies at irregular intervals. The topics of the contributions cover the whole spectrum of baroque music: questions about biography, the history of the genre, analysis and performance practice and much more.


Years 1 to 18 (1979 to 1996) of the Schütz yearbook were written by Werner Breig in conjunction with Hans Michael Beuerle (year 1–5), Friedhelm Krummacher , Stefan Kunze (year 1–14), Wolfram Steude (since year 6) and Eva Linfield (since 14th year). Walter Werbeck took over the editorship when he was 13 (1991). From 1997 to 2014 Werbeck acted as editor (in connection with Werner Breig, Friedhelm Krummacher, Eva Linfield and Wolfram Steude († 2006).

Jürgen Heidrich has been the editor of the yearbook since 2015, in association with Werner Breig, Konrad Küster and Walter Werbeck. The edition of the Schütz yearbook is carried out on behalf of the International Heinrich Schütz Society in Kassel .

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