Sound event

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A sound event is a physical - acoustic process that is determined spatially, temporally and in terms of properties by physical parameters and exists objectively, regardless of whether or how it is perceived. A sound event is described e.g. B. on sound field sizes , sound source distance, sound event direction and frequency spectrum . Physical phenomena such as sound source, sound signal or sound wave are related to the sound event .

On the other hand, what is acoustically perceived , what is heard, is identified by the prefix “Hör-”, predominantly in the composition of the audio event . The auditory event is the perception of the sound event and usually also makes it possible to localize the sound source . Auditory events can also occur without sound events, i.e. H. without mechanical vibrations or waves being detectable; Examples are ear diseases in which noise or certain sounds are heard in the ear .

Relationships with auditory events

Sound event Audio event
Sound pressure level Loudness
frequency Tonality
spectrum Timbre
Position of the sound source Localization of the sound source