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Greek greaves made of bronze. Approx. 500 BC Chr.
Modern shin guards

Shin guards , shin guards or leg splints are devices primarily to protect the shin against external violence. They are made of metal , plastic and / or foam . The shin guards were made from military metal greaves that have been used since ancient times. The greaves are still part of police protective clothing today .


The shin guards or shin guards used in sports protect the shin and the Achilles tendon from injuries, especially fractures and bruises . They are particularly common in football and various martial arts .

Shin guards were first used in sports in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the protective shields common in cricket were adopted in football . However, since these significantly restrict the player's freedom of movement, the leg protection was mainly reduced to the shin. Today it is compulsory to wear shin guards in club football.

Wearing shin guards is also mandatory in hockey and ice hockey . The reasons are the hard ball or puck, which can lead to severe bone fractures at speeds of over 100 km / h . Stopping the ball in hockey is often done with the stick held vertically in front of the feet. If the ball slips or if the ball bounces up on the feet, injuries would be possible without a guard.


Allergies often occur in the hollow of the knee or directly on the shin. The causes are mostly due to the use of latex protectors. As alternatives, latex-free products or stockings are used under the shin guards.

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