Silesian Medical University Katowice

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The Medical University of Silesia

The Silesian Medical University Katowice (Polish: Śląski Uniwersytet Medyczny w Katowicach , ŚUM for short ; until 2007 Śląska Akademia Medyczna im. Ludwika Waryńskiego w Katowicach , Silesian Medical Academy ' Ludwik Waryński ' Katowice) was established in 1948 in Rokitnica Bytomska . The current seat of the university is in the Polish city of Katowice . From 1996 to 1999 the heart surgeon and later Polish Minister of Health Zbigniew Religa was rector of the university.

It includes the following institutes:

  • Human medicine
  • Dentistry
  • pharmacology
  • Analytical medicine

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