Silesian Princes' Day

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The Silesian Princes' Day was the meeting of the estates of the duchies in Silesia who were directly subordinate to the Bohemian king . It originated in the 15th century and is comparable to the state parliaments in other early modern territories and empires.


In the Duchy of Silesia , which had been divided into numerous partial principalities since the 13th century, initially only their dukes were allowed to appear at the meetings of estates convened by the king, hence the name Fürstentag. In addition, the capital Wroclaw sent its own representatives and the Bishop of Wroclaw was a member of the Princely Congress because he owned the Principality of Neisse . As the passage of time some family branches of the Silesian Piast dynasty extinct and their lands as a completed fief to the King of Bohemia fell back , the Ritterschaften these territories were allowed to participate with delegates at the princely days.

Convocation and Powers

The Prince's Day was convened either by the Bohemian King or by the Governor of Silesia. The governor was responsible for chairing the meeting. This was often the Bishop of Breslau, at times also the Protestant princes of Liegnitz , Brieg , Münsterberg - Oels and Münsterberg- Bernstadt as well as the Catholic princes of Glogau , Teschen , Jägerndorf and Freudenthal .

The Silesian state order issued under King Vladislav II in 1500 contains some provisions on the Prince's Day.

The meeting of the estates was able to discuss all matters of interest to them. Each time she had to pass resolutions on the propositions presented by the king . The Fürstentag had the right to approve taxes.

The End

After the conquest of Silesia by the Prussians after the First Silesian War in 1742, the prince's day was abolished in its old form. In Austrian Silesia it continued to exist in a modified form and was converted into the Silesian Convention in 1848 .

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