Castle potatoes

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Castle potatoes ( pommes châteaux ) are a side dish of the classic cuisine made from fried potatoes .

To prepare it, raw potatoes are cut into the size and shape of a pigeon egg, blanched if necessary and slowly fried in butter until golden brown. Before serving, they are sprinkled with salt and finely chopped parsley . Another known form are crescents consisting eighths of large potatoes tourniert be.

Similar dishes

Parisian potatoes, here as an accompaniment to duck leg with various vegetables

For Parisian potatoes ( pommes parisienne ), nut-shaped balls are cut out with a Parisian cookie cutter. These are prepared as described and also tossed in demiglace . The side dish is called nut potatoes ( pommes noisettes ) when the balls are blanched and fried in butter. Typical spices are salt, pepper and chopped parsley.