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The Schmirinskis were a Swiss comedy duo.


The comedian duo Schmirinskis was founded by the Swiss René Rindlisbacher and Stephan Schmidlin in 1986 together with Peter Störi and Harry Wettstein . However, Störi and Wettstein left the group in the same year. But Schmidlin and Rindlisbacher kept going with their program and in 1991 they were honored with an award as “Young Artist of the Year”.

In 1995 they finally started with the Saturday evening program “Top of Switzerland”, which was also a great success. After five years “Top of Switzerland”, they disbanded in 2001 at the height of their careers. They called their last show "Top of Schmirinskis", in which they showed excerpts from the last years of their show. The show had over a million viewers that evening. In 2001 they were awarded the Prix ​​Walo .

The name Schmirinskis is made up of the two surnames Schmidlin and Rindlisbacher. René Rindlisbacher was also known as the host of the show Wer wird Millionär? of the (now discontinued) Swiss television channel TV3 . Stefan Schmidlin also worked as a wood carver.

Stage programs

  • "So bad"
  • "The Unfinished"
  • "PrOffice"
  • "Fiesions"

DVD publications

  • Collection (3 programs: Fiesionen, PrOffice, The Unfinished)
  • PrOffice
  • Swiss laugh
  • Holiday greetings from Kos
  • Fiesions
  • Holiday greetings from Saint-Tropez
  • Top of Switzerland
  • The unfinished

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