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A sword (from old high : swerd ) is:

  • a cutting and thrusting weapon with a short handle and a long, relatively wide blade, see sword
  • the cutting and stabbing weapon as a common figure in heraldry, see sword (heraldry)
  • a sign of dignity of an elector, see Kurschwert
  • in shipbuilding a device to reduce drift or to convert drift into propulsion, see sword (shipbuilding)
  • in zoology a sword-like appendage on the upper jaw or tail of certain fish or the killer whale, see sword (zoology)
  • part of a chainsaw
  • in metalworking, a slang term for punch
  • a Russian crime television series, see Sword (television series)

Schwert is the family name of:

  • Pius L. Schwert (1892–1941), American politician
  • Johann Schwert (1907–2013), German bricklayer and resistance fighter against National Socialism

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