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Sword in coat of arms and crest
Double coat of arms city ​​of Essen

The sword is a popular common figure in heraldry . Many forms and representations are possible in the coat of arms and must be specified in the description . Often one or two swords are depicted. With two weapons, these are crossed as trays or depicted as a Christian cross in the coat of arms. Other coats of arms are also crossed with the sword.

Flaming sword ( Michaelnbach )
Crossed swords in the coat of arms

In blazon, the position of the sword (point up, down, right, left; oblique left), the design of the quillons, the handle and the shape of the button (for example, round, clover-shaped , two-pronged) of the quillons, including heraldic color , Report to. If this is not done, the color gold is assumed, point upwards. Only the scabbard can be in the coat of arms. The cutting edge in general can be flamed . One is the depiction with real flames erupting from the edge or a flaming blade, the other time with a wavy blade, heraldically a flaming sword .

The same applies to the common figure saber and rapier . The sword is particularly preferred in modern heraldry. Heraldists distinguish the sword from the round sword with the oval quillons.

In some coats of arms, these weapons are also placed behind the shield. Then the heraldic figure becomes a fitting . The special forms of real weapons can also be found increasingly in the coats of arms of the region, i.e. the Turkish saber in the Turkish coat of arms, or the Tartar saber in Hungarian and Moldovan coats of arms.

Occasionally the sword is also held by a heraldic animal . The blade is mainly in silver, but at least in color from the other part of the weapon. The term sword side defines the left side of the coat of arms on tombs, which is occupied with the coat of arms of the father or with that of the paternal grandmother.

The sword is also an attribute of saints and martyrs, such as Barbara , Fabianus , Michael , Paulus of Tarsus , Peter of Verona and Stanislaus .

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