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Statue of St. Petrus Martyr in Sant'Eustorgio in Milan, with the typical attribute of the saint, the ax in the skull

Petrus von Verona (* between 1203 and 1205 in Verona , † April 6, 1252 in Barlassina near Milan ), who is also called Petrus Martyr or Petrus von Milano , was a Dominican preacher, inquisitor and martyr of the 13th century.


Peter joined the Dominican order in Bologna around 1220 as a student . In 1232 he was appointed papal envoy in Milan. Peter became known as a successful preacher, particularly in northern and central Italy, where he appeared in all major cities. According to the monk Galvano Fiamma, from the Cronica maggiore , he lived in the Milanese monastery of Sant'Eustorgio from 1233 and was appointed by Pope Innocent IV in 1240 . appointed inquisitor. In 1241 he became prior in Asti . In 1251 he received the same office in Como . In the same year he was appointed papal inquisitor for Como and Milan. As such, he fought against unbelievers and thus attracted rejection and hatred, which finally culminated on April 6, 1252 in a fatal attack in the forest of Barlassina near Milan. Just one year after his death he was canonized as a martyr by Pope Innocent IV . Peter von Verona is buried in the Milanese church of Sant'Eustorgio in a high tomb designed by the sculptor Giovanni di Balduccio .


The Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Peter of Verona on April 29th (non-mandatory day of remembrance).

St. Peter is considered the patron saint of the cities of Como, Cremona , the Duchy of Modena and Lombardy . Several brotherhoods also placed themselves under the protection of the saint, such as that of the shoemakers in Palma , that of the weavers in Manresa and that of the brewers in Cologne , who founded the St. Peter of Milan brotherhood .

Representations in art

Peter Martyr is depicted in the Dominican habit . When it is not depictions from his life, he is often depicted with a hatchet in his skull or only with the gaping wound on his head to indicate his martyrdom. Further attributes are a sword under the arm, the martyr's palm or a book.

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