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A script kiddie (from “ script ” and “ kid ”, sometimes also abbreviated as skiddie or scriddie ) is a stereotype that refers to people in the field of computer security in everyday language . The term primarily describes computer users who, despite a lack of basic knowledge, try to break into other computer systems or cause other damage. Successful attempts are due to the application of ready-to-use solutions, i.e. the use of prefabricated automatisms or written instructions. The term "scriptkiddie" has echoes of immature behavior and vandalism and is often used derogatory.

There is also another use in the area of programming . There the word refers to a person who copies other source code for their own projects in order to use their effects, but without understanding the code. This must be differentiated from the use of program libraries .


A script is a text file that contains a sequence of commands that a computer can execute on its own. When the computer is instructed to execute such a script, this leads to the calling of various programs according to a flow chart which is described therein.

Scriptkiddie is a symbol for a person who breaks into someone else's computer via a network with the help of ready-made scripts or who inflicts damage on them through deliberately spread viruses , worms or Trojans without having any lasting knowledge of computer security. This includes the cliché that it happens out of motivation to impress others.


The CCC takes the position that a script kiddie should be differentiated from a hacker : a hacker has a deep knowledge of the basics, a script kiddie does not.

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