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Eric S. Raymond (October 2004)

Eric Steven Raymond (born December 4, 1957 in Boston , Massachusetts ), also known as ESR , is an American author and software developer on the hacking and open source scene.


Raymond is responsible for many FAQs and Howtos , leads about 30 open source projects, writes books and is a blogger . He developed the C implementation of the INTERCAL programming language, temporarily looked after the mail transport program Fetchmail , worked on the GNU library ncurses and wrote a configuration tool called CML2 for the Linux kernel, which was unsuccessful due to negative feedback from the kernel hackers was granted. He is a co-founder of the Open Source Initiative (OSI).

Raymond wrote, among other things, the essay The Cathedral and the Bazaar (1997) ( The Cathedral and the Bazaar ), the book of the same name, as well as the essays Homesteading the Noosphere (about: occupation of the noosphere ), The Magic Cauldron ( The Magic Cauldron ) and Revenge of the hacker ( revenge of the hackers ), manages the online version of the New hacker's Dictionary ( jargon File ) and transferred the parable Standing on the shoulders of giants to the hacker culture . He caused a stir with the publication of internal Microsoft papers ( Halloween documents ) and thus further fueled the public competition between the Windows and Linux operating systems .

Since the late 1990s, Raymond has become one of the most famous and controversial figures in the open source movement. He is committed to the ideals of libertarianism and is a strong advocate of the right to gun ownership . He supports the Libertarian Party .

Eric Raymond made several appearances in the Linux documentation Revolution OS .

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