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Sepulchral culture ( Latin sepulcrum , "grave [lege]") includes the culture of death , dying, burial and mourning and can be understood in the broadest sense as a culture of mourning and burial as well as the entirety of all rites in the area of ​​a grave. The term funeral culture (Latin funus , "burial") is synonymous, but less established. Funerary culture includes burial sites such as church / cemeteries and crematoriums , natural burials , grave fields, necropolises , coffins and grave goods, as well as objects and documents relating to the remembrance of the dead such as tombs , inscriptions and hair pictures as well as written evidence, so-called funeral writings , such as memorial books, consolation poems, letters and funeral compositions Funeral sermons .

In Kassel there is the Central Institute and Museum for Sepulchral Culture , which is dedicated to the scientific research of the topic. It shows permanent and changing exhibitions on the history of the Sepulchral Culture.

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