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Friedhofskultur: Journal for the entire cemetery sector

description Specialist magazine for cemetery administrators and gardeners
language German
publishing company Haymarket Media (Braunschweig) (Germany)
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 2,367 copies
Widespread edition 2,935 copies
Editor-in-chief Roman Höfers (responsible editor)
editor Association of German Cemetery Administrators (VFD), Berlin
Web link Friedhofskultur.de
ZDB 1396542-6

Friedhofskultur , subtitle magazine for the entire cemetery system , is a German-language, monthly specialist magazine that provides information on sepulchral culture .


The 1997 published journal is published by Association of cemetery managers in Germany , based in Berlin edited and published until 2001 in the publishing of new horticultural Medien GmbH (NDA), based in Aachen , temporarily parallel from 2000 to 2006 at the publishing company Thalacker in Braunschweig . Since then, the work has been relocated by the Braunschweig-based Haymarket Media GmbH & Co.KG. The company headquarters is in Frankfurter Straße 3d (at ARTmax ).

The self-portrayed "only specialist magazine for the entire cemetery sector" is on the one hand an advertising platform for cemetery nurseries and administrations and on the other hand provides information about gravestones without child labor in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria or, for example, burial areas for Muslims.

The articles sometimes provide information about individual cemeteries , but also about theft, vandalism or devastation. Contributions such as a sculpture exhibition underline the publisher's international orientation in the field of art.

In a special supplement, Die Friedhofskultur provided information on commercial vehicles relating to all aspects of funeral services, and in 2007 in a special publication on cemeteries and funerals .

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