Session (conference)

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As session subject-specific sessions or lectures at scientific conferences and discussions with certain formats conference of so-called " unconferences called". Dating back to the Latin -derived ( Latin sessio , session of sedere , sitting) and in English usual word is used here in English pronunciation.

At scientific conferences, sessions usually consist of specialist lectures ( oral session ) or poster presentations ( poster session ). At large conferences, several sessions often take place at the same time ( parallel sessions ). The session sections of a session or of several successive sessions are usually limited by lunch or coffee breaks so that the participants have the opportunity for further exchange.

In the case of various formats of unconferences , such as the BarCamp or EduCamp , the topics proposed by the participants themselves on site, sometimes in advance and only selected jointly during the conference, are presented and discussed in mostly simultaneous sessions. In contrast to scientific conferences, topics and speakers are determined on site. The selected topics and the respective speakers are recorded in a session plan (grid) .


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