Siegerland exhibition

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The Siegerland Exhibition (formerly Siegerland Show ), or SILA for short, was a regional exhibition in Siegen .

The Siegerland exhibition emerged in 1996 from the Siegerlandschau, which had previously been held 18 times. It took place every two years on the grounds of the Siegerlandhalle . Numerous companies from Siegerland , the Olpe district , the Wittgensteiner Land and the surrounding area were represented. Originally the date of the 2004 exhibition was around Easter time . After objections from church representatives, the exhibition took place at the end of August, as in previous years. The number of visitors was around 50,000 - 55,000. In 2006 the exhibition area was reduced from 12,000 m² to around 10,000 m². The 24th edition of the exhibition in April 2006 was only visited by around 30,000. Around 200 exhibitors were represented, the regional share was around 70%.

In 2008 the exhibition took place for the last time in this form.


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