Sigismund Wilhelm Koelle

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Sigismund Wilhelm Kölle (born July 14, 1820 in Cleebronn , † February 18, 1902 in London ) was a missionary and linguist.

life and work

He joined the Basel Mission House in 1841 , but switched to the Church Missionary Society (CMS) as early as 1845 . In 1847 he is in Sierra Leone and collects language material while teaching. In 1855 he was accepted as a corresponding member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences .

His main work, Polyglotta Africana, is considered to be pioneering work in comparative linguistic research of African languages.


  • Narrative of an expedition into the Vy country of West Africa and the discovering of a system of syllabic writing recently invented by the narratives of Vy , London 1849.


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