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Simargl is a god of Slavic mythology . According to the Nestor Chronicle , along with Perun , Dažbog , Chors , Stribog and Mokosch, he was one of the main gods for whom Prince Vladimir I had statues erected in Kiev . According to the anti- pagan treatise Slovo nekojego christoljubca , on the other hand, there are two gods with the names Sim and Rgl .

Its jurisdiction is unknown. Etymological comparisons bring him in connection with the Persian mythical creature Simurgh , another interpretation derives his name from the Slavic words semja (family) and (rye) and ascribes to him the function of a protector of the cattle and the harvest.

On silver arm rings from Kiev from the 11th to 13th centuries, which are supposed to represent Simargl, he had the appearance of a dog with the head and wings of a griffin .


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