Simple Symphony

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The Simple Symphony (German Simple Symphony ) is a work for string orchestra by Benjamin Britten . It was originally written for school orchestras , but there is also a version for string quartet . The piece was premiered in 1934 in Norwich by an amateur orchestra and conducted by Britten himself.

The piece is based on eight of the composer's childhood themes (two per movement ) for which he was particularly fond. It consists of the four movements Boisterous Bourrée (impetuous Bourrée ), Playful Pizzicato (playful pizzicato ), Sentimental Sarabande ( sentimental Sarabande ) and Frolicsome Finale (exuberant finale ). (The names of the sentences are alliterations .)

Especially because of the second movement, which is already played pizzicato, the work is also often played by plucked orchestras .