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Siren sounds , even the siren ( Russian Сирена , Sirena ), is a story of Russian writer Anton Chekhov , which in the August 24, 1887 Peterburgskaja Gazeta published. During the author's lifetime, the text was translated into German, Polish, Swedish and Serbo-Croatian.

Anton Chekhov


The text is based on experiences that the author had made around the district assembly Sirena of the Justice of the Peace in Zvenigorod .


Pyotr Nikolaitsch, chairman of the plenary, wants to put in writing after the plenary session - most of the justices of the peace have left - his opinion on the subject of the session, which differs from the general public. After spoiling six sheets of writing paper, he gives up. His colleagues - the district peace judge Milkin, the second honorary judge Grigori Savvich, the deputy prosecutor Stepan Franzytsch and the secretary Iwan Gurjitsch Shilin - had kept him bothered with incessant talk about good food and drink while writing.

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  • Siren sounds. P. 504–511 in Gerhard Dick (ed.) And Wolf Düwel (ed.): Anton Chekhov: The Swedish match. Short stories and early narratives. German by Georg Schwarz. 668 pages. Rütten & Loening, Berlin 1965 (1st edition)

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