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TelLieVision (feat. Hardy Hard & Afrika Bambaataa )
  DE 96 07/05/2004 (1 week)

Sirius B is a joint project by the two DJs Hardy Hard and Afrika Bambaataa that has existed since 2000. That year they performed together at the Electric Kingdom event after the Love Parade .


In 2001 the first maxi single "If You Technolectro" came out with "Funky And Proud" on the B-side. “Feel My Music” appears on the Electric Kingdom compilation “Electronic Songs”.

Afrika Bambaataa writes a text that discusses the influence that television has on humanity. The piece is named "Tell-Lie-Vision", an English-language play on words with the term "television". Hardy Hard uses the theme tune for " Spiegel TV " as music , enriched with an electro beat. The piece does not go unnoticed by the creators of the original "Spiegel TV" theme, which initially brings legal problems with it. After a while, however, they get the OK and bring the piece out together with a video.

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