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Skillous ( Greek  ὁ Σκιλλοῦς , also transcribed Skillus ) was an ancient place in Triphylia on the Peloponnese peninsula .

Skillous is said to have been located 20 stadiums (just under 4 km) south of Olympia am Selinous , a tributary of the Alpheios . The exact location (probably near today's Makrisia ) is not known.

In archaic times, Skillous, together with other communities in Triphylia, temporarily controlled the sanctuary of Olympia and is said to have built the Temple of Hera there. Later it came under the dominance of Elis and was established around 400 BC. Newly settled from Sparta . After Sparta's defeat in the Battle of Leuktra in 371 BC. BC Skillous belonged again to Elis. It was probably abandoned in Hellenistic times.

After his exile from Athens , Xenophon was assigned an estate near Skillous by the Spartans, which was near today's Krestena .