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Slip (from English to slip "slip, slide") stands for:

  • Briefs (clothing) , tight, tight-fitting underpants or swimming trunks without a leg
  • put on slip , with a knot end with a loop with which the knot can be quickly undone
  • Slip , generally the deviation of the speeds of mechanical elements or fluids in frictional contact with one another under tangential loading
  • Sideslip (engl. Slip) or Sideslip , a stable and fully controllable attitude in all airplanes, the three-axis aero dynamically (i.e. with oars) controlled
  • Slip (fishing) , an incision at the stern of stern trawlers for launching and hauling in the trawl
  • Slip (song) , a song by Deadmau5
  • Slip , a receipt for a bank transaction
  • Slipway , an inclined plane on which boats can be lowered into the water from the land

SLIP is an abbreviation for:

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