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Men's slip with engagement on the right

Under a slip (engl. To slip , "slip") refers to a relatively scarce, close-fitting underwear or swimsuit which is cut without leg approach. The word slip, adopted from English, is a pseudo-Anglicism , since in English slip means an undergarment .

The German designation Schlüpfer or Pagenschlüpfer or Pagenhöschen, on the other hand originally referred to the same parts with a leg approach. Long-leg panties are close-fitting, waist-high with about hand-width or longer legs. Mostly from a seamless tube that is cut open in the middle of the front and back up to crotch height in order to sew the two resulting lengths of fabric into individual legs. A gusset can also be used in the crotch area to compensate for stretch . Thus, this cut is seamless on the outer edges and does not form a visible slip line through emerging seams. Also available as a cut version of leggings .

Shapes and fashion development

This from hatching or the English verb to slip resulting laundry designation comes from the fact that the original underwear no elastics or rubber bands had, leaving them with ribbons, bows and buttons are held had. When, after the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, the elastic , like the trousers rubber was also called, made his triumphal entry, they called the fast underpants just panties .

In English, on the other hand, the word slip means an undergarment , and half-slip means an underskirt . Slip briefs are briefs (for boys and men) or panties called (for girls and women).

Briefs are worn by both men and women in different shapes. Due to the anatomical differences, some forms of briefs are more likely to be worn by one gender or the other, unless it is cross-dressing .

Up until the 1970s, men mostly wore white double-ribbed briefs or underpants with engagement. These were then replaced by fine rib briefs or underpants with engagement, which were often colored (mostly light blue or beige) and / or printed, as well as colorful sports briefs without engagement. Since then, fashion trends have changed rapidly in both swimwear and underwear .

Up until the 1960s, a distinction was made between underwear that was worn to work, for example: dark colors, mostly gray, and underwear that was worn at other times: light colors, mostly white.

A distinction was also made between summer underwear (light, double rib) and winter underwear (roughened, thick, cuprama or lining panties, with elasticized legs for women or long johns for men).

Up until the 1980s, there was an overall trend towards ever shorter forms. New names were created for the ever new styles, e.g. B. minislip, microslip or rioslip. From the 1980s onwards, more boxer shorts and bodies came on the market, and retro pants in the 1990s .

Special forms

Feminine forms

Women in thong
  • French Knickers - Waist-high panty shape with wide, half-length legs made of woven or fine mesh fabrics. Usually combined with a camisole .
  • Hip panty - The hip panty gets its name because it sits on the hip. It is cut a little wider.
  • Jazzpants - Waist briefs with a very high leg cut and waistband that come from gymnastics clothing.
  • Maxi-Slip - The maxi-slip or panty (plural: panties) is cut very tightly, has short legs, is quite straight at the top and also has a straight leg and is quite tight. The maxi briefs are also well suited for slightly plump figures, as they provide light support on the hips. There is also a shape with slightly wider legs.
  • Rio-Slip (Retro-Slip) - The fashionable Rio-Slip is characterized by a V-shaped waistband and high French leg cut.
  • Crotchless Slip - The crotchless slip is available in different designs, but they all have the open crotch in common. As a rule, the central seam is not sewn, but the edges are lined with points, feathers or other noticeable things. In the normal position of the legs, the pubic area is covered. When the legs are spread, the pubic area is more or less exposed and sexual activity can take place without having to take off the panties.
String panty
Jazz pants as part of a costume for dancing
  • Period panties - New York entrepreneur Miki Agrawal launched washable period panties (brand name "Thinx") in the spring of 2015, with financial help from , which look like ordinary fashionable panties but are made of extremely absorbent material and therefore no binding , tampons during and the like menstruation can be worn.

Forms that are suitable for both sexes

The terms tanga, string, string thong and thong are often not used selectively because they are hardly mutually exclusive.

Distinguishing features
Surname Side panels Rump step
C-string no free wire-reinforced in the buttock area
G-string always cord, tied if necessary only connection always cord
G-thong arbitrary, rarely bound quickly rejuvenating line
String often string, but arbitrarily any always cord
String tanga always cord, tied if necessary small triangle always cord
T-string mostly cord, tied if necessary only connection always cord
tanga always cord, tied if necessary mostly triangle wide ribbon (2–3 cm)
Thong arbitrary, rarely bound quickly rejuvenating very small
V-string mostly cord, tied if necessary fabric-free triangle always cord
  • G-String - The G-String is a string thong in which the back triangle is omitted. It consists exclusively of a triangle in front, a cord over the hips and another cord between the buttocks.
  • Sports briefs - The sports briefs are tight-fitting, low-waisted briefs that were originally designed as sports underpants, but are now mostly worn every day. Sports briefs are usually without engagement and are usually plain, made of cotton or synthetic material ( nylon , Lycra , etc.).
  • String - The String (. Of English for string, string ), all items of clothing, particularly underwear and swimwear, refer to operations where there is only a very narrow strip of cloth or tape between the buttocks.
  • String thong - The string thong is similar to the thong, but the rear triangle shape is pulled up very far.
  • Tanga - The thong has the typical triangular shape of the panty front and back, the triangles are held together by more or less narrow strips of fabric, the side parts i. d. Usually only consist of a possibly tied string. The triangles can be relatively large and, like traditional shapes, cover the entire buttocks.
  • Thong - The thong is a string that has a more or less pronounced triangle above the tailbone. In this case, “less” means that the T-shape has been slightly rounded, “more” means that the entire rear horizontal band forms a stretched triangle, so that the two triangles usually consist of one part. In contrast to the thong, the side parts can be very wide and are never knotted. In the USA, “thong” is a collective term for all briefs that leave the buttocks free. Here the term "T-back" is used for the thong explained here.

Male forms

  • Jockstrap - A jockstrap called jock for short is an erotic or sports brief that comes from the USA. Above all, the buttocks are emphasized here, the rear strip of fabric or the cord is omitted and is replaced by side strips; the buttocks are not covered as with the string. First, jockstraps (were Suspensories ) of athletes under boxer shorts worn to the genitals to protect. Often they were reinforced by protective inserts (jock cups) made of hard plastic.
  • Sock - The sock is a men's panty that consists exclusively of a hip cord with a pouch on it. This can be put over the genitals and sits securely even without a string. The sock is completely free of buttocks.

Posing slip

Posing slip

In bodybuilding, special posing briefs are worn for competitions and for show purposes. They are tight-fitting and cut so that they do not obscure the view of the muscles as much as possible. In particular, the leg muscles should remain largely free. Therefore, posing briefs sit very high and the leg cut is just as high. At the front, the covered area is almost exclusively limited to the genitals, at the back a scarcely larger triangular area is covered, at the side there is only a minimal connection (the IFBB stipulates 1 centimeter). In the front view, the posing slip is usually higher on the sides than in the middle, so that the upper edge has a concave course. At least half of the buttocks are visible from behind.

Posing briefs evolved from swimming trunks and for a long time followed the trends in swimwear. In the course of the history of bodybuilding they have been cut more and more tightly so that the bodybuilders could show as much of their muscles as possible. The trend is driven by professional competitors who mostly wear bespoke posing briefs. Today's standard, which most closely resembles a thong, can hardly be minimized.

Posing briefs are the hallmark of bodybuilders because competitors are only dressed in posing briefs. It should enable a complete assessment of body development, but not distract from the muscles. That's why posing briefs are kept simple, but can have a wide variety of colors. As a rule, they are monochrome and made from a mix of nylon and elastane .

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