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Woman with white top

A top is a mostly sleeveless top in women's and men's fashion .


Red tube top, strapless
Brown top, cropped

Tops are available in a wide variety of variations, but they always have in common the lack of sleeves . Most tops have straps, such as spaghetti straps or halter neck tops; There are also strapless shapes, for example tube tops, which are held close to the body by their elastic tube shape (English tube ). The arrangement on the body is found in shapes that start lower on the arms ("shoulder-free") or end above the waist ("bumpy"). There are no limits to color variations, graphics or lettering on tops.

Tops are worn with skirts as well as jeans or even fine trousers . They are suitable as undersuits under blazers , open blouses or jackets , but are also worn as sole clothing for the upper body in summer , in leisure time, for sports , in the disco or at parties. Many young women in particular prefer tops to classic t-shirts .

Tank tops and rag tops are particularly common in men's clothing, and they are particularly popular in the bodybuilding scene. Unlike tank tops, rag tops are often belly-free, but unlike other tops, they can have sleeves. They are based on sweatshirts with the cuffs cut off or look like they were created that way.


The German term "top" corresponds to the tank top in English , while top in English stands for any type of top, not just sleeveless tops. The term tank top , originated in 1968 from the name for a shirt-like top of a bathing suit ( tank suit - the English term swimming tank referred to a swimming pool around 1920 ), in turn, finds its way into German usage, especially in clothing catalogs.

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