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A Sołectwo [sɔˈwɛt͡stfɔ] ? / i (German Schulzenamt ) is one of the Gmina (municipality) subordinate administrative unit in Poland . This form of administration is usually found in rural regions, but cities can also have one or more school authorities. This usually includes at least one village, and several villages are often united to form a Schulzenamt. As of December 31, 2009, there were 40,461 school administration offices in Poland. The corresponding administrative units in cities are called Dzielnica ((city) district) or Osiedle (settlement). Audio file / audio sample

The Sołectwo is headed by the Sołtys ( mayor ), who is assisted by a Rada Sołecka (village council). Both institutions are elected by the residents of the Schulzenamt in a secret ballot.


The tasks of the Schulzenamt include:

  • cooperation with local organizations
  • Family and culture strengthening activities
  • Organization of leisure activities for children and young people
  • Measures for security and public order
  • Cooperation with the competent authorities in the areas of hygiene, fire protection and security
  • Decisions about the use of the property of the municipality located in the area of ​​the Schulzenamt
  • Determination of direction, scope and form of municipal tasks
  • Maintenance and repair of municipal facilities.

Furthermore, the Schulzenämter take part in decisions of the municipality on development plans for the Schulzenamt, investments, repair and maintenance of public infrastructure facilities.


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