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Sorcerer is an independently published American Fantasy - pen - & - paper role-playing game by Ron Edwards .


It is a tightly focused game and is based on the question "How far will you go to reach your goals?" This basic premise focuses on wizards who summon, bind, and interact with demons . These demons are powerful non-human entities that work with and against wizards.

The game focuses on a single theme, which the group defines as humanity . The players consciously decide to carry out actions for their characters that either benefit or harm humanity, often risking them by receiving or using demonic powers. In this way, the players make clear statements about the topic defined as humanity. The demons are also defined by the group. These can range from classic demons to powerful artificial intelligences to conscious, powerful artifacts .

Sorcerer was initially published online as a free text document. It gradually built a following and is currently sold as a hardcover rulebook with three softcover extensions. It has received numerous positive reviews on various web forums like and in magazines like Realms of Fantasy. It played an important role in winning the prestigious "Diana Jones Award" from Ron Edwards in 2002.


The basic rules "Sorcerer" are required to play. There are also the extensions: "Sorcerer and Sword", which introduces Pulp Fantasy in Sorcerer . "The Sorcerer's Soul" which focuses on humanity and demons and brings in angels. "Sex and Sorcerer," which introduces new looks at player interaction and story generation.


Sorcerer deviates significantly from the usual role-playing stereotypes and expectations. In terms of the GNS theory conveniently supplied by the author , it is a game for narrativists . Those who prefer a simulationistic or, to a lesser extent, a gamistic approach will find it difficult to use the style and rules mechanics, and Sorcerer has no intention of serving these styles of play.

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