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The Spielscharen were groups within the Hitler Youth , whose young members were active in the artistic field. They designed theater and music performances related to the ideology of the National Socialists and ethnic youth work. They consisted of artistically or musically gifted young people who performed a variety of tasks with their formations: They accompanied the marches and celebrations of the Hitler Youth, special formations were responsible for radio productions of the Reich broadcasters . In 1937, the Reich Youth Leader Baldur von Schirach issued the Reichspielscharordnung which laid down "... the structure and organization of the youngest special formations ..." and included them in the series of HJ special formations alongside news , navy , motor and aviator HJ posed.

Especially for children and young people who were interested in a career in the theater or orchestra, the game crowd was an exceptional opportunity to get involved in the Hitler Youth. "The Spielschar was ... a refuge for those who considered the usual service at the Bund Deutscher Mädel and the HJ to be very unimaginative and unproductive, in the best case a waste of time." A special feature was that in the Spielschar there was no gender was separated.

Artists who were organized in a game group and became known during or after the war were z. B. the actress Ingrid van Bergen and the composer Siegfried Köhler .


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