Pointed Tooth Bat

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Pointed Tooth Bat
Whitehead-toothed bat (H. whiteheadi)

Whitehead-toothed bat ( H. whiteheadi )

Subclass : Higher mammals (Eutheria)
Superordinate : Laurasiatheria
Order : Bats (chiroptera)
Family : Fruit bats (Pteropodidae)
Tribe : Harpyionycterini
Genre : Pointed Tooth Bat
Scientific name of the  tribe
Miller , 1907
Scientific name of the  genus
Thomas , 1896

The pointed-toothed batfish ( Harpyionycteris ) are a genus from the family of the fruit bats (Pteropodidae). Due to their conspicuous teeth, they are classified in their own genus group (Harpyionycterini). A distinction is made between two species: Whitehead pointed-toothed bat ( H. whiteheadi ) on the Philippines and Sulawesi-pointed-toothed bat ( H. celebensis ) on Sulawesi .

Pointed-tooth flying dogs reach a head length of 14 to 15 centimeters and a weight of 80 to 140 grams. Their fur is dark brown in color, with the underside being lighter. One tail is missing. The upper incisors as well as the upper and lower canine teeth protrude relatively horizontally forwards, when the mouth is closed the canine teeth cross each other. The molars have five or six cusps. With their specialized teeth, they pierce the shells of fruits such as those of the screw trees ( pandanus ) or figs , the juices of which they mainly feed on.

Little is known about the way of life of these animals. They live in small groups in tropical rainforests and, like most fruit bats, are nocturnal. Twice a year (in January / February and July / August) the female usually gives birth to a single young. The gestation period is estimated at four to five months, after three to four months the young animal is weaned.


The systematics of the fruit bats is largely based on the phylogenetic study of Kate E. Jones et al. a .: A Phylogenetic Supertree of Bats . The authors do not use a rank in the classical sense for the taxa . The name of this group as a tribe with the ending -ini is therefore chosen arbitrarily, sometimes this taxon is also found as Harpyionycterinae or Harpyionycterina.


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