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Female of the human roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides)

Female of the human roundworm
( Ascaris lumbricoides )

without rank: Bilateria
without rank: Primordial mouths (protostomia)
Over trunk : Molting animals (Ecdysozoa)
Trunk : Roundworms (Nematoda)
Class : Secernentea
Order : Roundworms
Scientific name

Roundworms (Ascaridida) are an order of nematodes . Their representatives live parasitically in the intestines of vertebrates and have a spindle-shaped body with a length of up to 50 cm. The mouth opening has three papilla-bearing lips. The esophagus is cylindrical or club-shaped and can have appendages. In some taxa the intestine also has appendages in the initial area. Caudal wings are not developed or at most only indicated.


Families and selected representatives are:

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Individual evidence

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