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Staccaton notation through a point

Staccato (from Italian staccarsi for “repel”, “separated”) is a musical form of articulation : a note is played with a special technique and thus sounds shorter than the note value actually prescribes. The grade is still notated in the grading system with its full length. The symbol for staccato is a point above or below the note (see notation ). Over longer passages, staccato can also be indicated by the word staccato .

Staccato game The staccato as a type of attack on the piano is achieved by pushing the finger off the respective key. With wind instruments , the corresponding tone is usually produced by abruptly interrupting or breaking off the air flow through the tongue, with strings by accentuated pronation of the right hand. The suspension of bow contact with the string (bow “jumps” into the air), which is more noticeable to the observer, is then carried out solely by the bow springing back, ie. H. without further intervention of the string. As a result, the bow practically only tears the string briefly.

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