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Munich City Run 2009
Münchner-Kindl-Lauf in the English Garden 2009

A city ​​run is a running sporting event whose running route mainly leads through urban areas. The conditions of participation and distances can vary greatly from city to city, but almost exclusively distances between the middle distance (3000 m) and the marathon distance are run . A city run can be run as a fun run , street run or combined street / fun run. Due to the colloquial use, a clear and unambiguous definition is difficult.

One of the first city runs in Germany took place on September 21, 1919 in Halle under the name "Quer durch Halle".

The city runs have become very popular since the 1980s and partly have the character of a folk festival, due on the one hand to the high number of participants (now most of the city runs are also or only public runs without participation restrictions and open to all age groups) and on the other hand due to their high attractiveness for the audience, the participants from their environment can watch competitive athletes in the same competition without having to travel a long way or having to pay admission.

The currently largest city run in the world in terms of number of participants is the JPMorgan Chase in Frankfurt , which leads 5.6 km across Frankfurt and again set a new record in 2008 with 73,719 runners from 2,589 companies.

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