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A stone carpet is an open-pored floor covering for indoor and outdoor use. Stone carpets typically consist of rounded marble pebbles or colored quartzides that are mixed with binding agents such as epoxy or PU resin . The mixture is applied to an existing floor covering similar to a screed .

General properties

The binder is mixed with natural-colored round marble pebbles or colored quartzides in different grain sizes and colors and then applied to substrates such as screed, tiles, concrete, mastic asphalt and various plastic coverings. Solvent-based resins are not recommended, as these may no longer be used indoors from 2016. Since cracks and leaks can occur in the stone carpet, it is important to ensure that the surface is waterproof in wet rooms such as bathrooms. There must also already be a gradient towards installed drains in the subsurface material. Underfloor heating installed underground is possible.

Stone carpets can be used in living areas, patios, house surrounds, showrooms, offices, shops and bathrooms, among other things. Installation in permanently wet areas (e.g. showers) is planned by some manufacturers, but usually with an additional seal . This application has not yet established itself as the rule of technology and should be coordinated with the respective manufacturer or publisher on a case-by-case basis.

It is not advisable to use epoxy resins outdoors as they are not weather-resistant and will yellow. In outdoor areas, only one or two component PU laying resins should be used due to their UV stability. In light-flooded rooms, e.g. B. winter gardens, a stone carpet with a PU-based binder is recommended.

Filling or sealing the pores makes the joint areas less susceptible to soiling.


A stone carpet is hard-wearing, slip- resistant even in wet areas and has a high level of abrasion resistance . Water does not collect on the stone carpet, but usually seeps through. This means that no dangerous ice or stagnant water can form. , are therefore considered to be comparatively allergy-friendly. << Every smooth floor is "allergy-friendly". -> In addition, static charges cannot occur.

Stone carpets can be cleaned dry or wet, hosed down with a high-pressure cleaner or treated with steam, spray or extraction vacuums.

Thanks to the structured surface, pets such as dogs and cats slide less than on very smooth floor coverings.


Processing epoxy resins or polyurethanes can cause allergic reactions.

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