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Steyr ADGZ
Steyr ADGZ

The Steyr ADGZ was an armored reconnaissance vehicle developed by the Austrian company Steyr in 1934. It was intended to be used by both the Austrian Armed Forces and the police. After the annexation of Austria , the vehicles were taken over by the Wehrmacht and the SS .


The development of this vehicle began in 1934 and ended a year later. A total of 27 vehicles were produced between 1935 and 1937. 12 ADGZ armored cars were in the armed forces' inventory, all in the rapid division , while 14 vehicles were in the inventory of the security guard and gendarmerie . There was probably another vehicle, but it cannot be precisely assigned (it was possibly still in production).

After the Anschluss almost all ADGZs were taken over by the Waffen-SS and used for police tasks and to fight partisans. Another 25 vehicles were ordered in 1941, which were then used in the Balkans and the Soviet Union in 1942 .

Three ADGZ of the SS Heimwehr Danzig , labeled in white with “ Sudetenland ”, “ Ostmark ” and “ Saar ”, took part in the storming of the Polish post office in Danzig on September 1, 1939. This was also described in " The Tin Drum " by Günter Grass . The vehicles can be seen both in the newsreel of the time and in the tin drum film.

Technical specifications

The wheel armor design developed in Austria can also be seen on this vehicle. It didn't really have a "stern". Both ends could serve as the front of the vehicle.

Steyr ADGZ :
Parameter Data
Manufacturer    Steyr
Weight    12 t
length    6.26 m
width    2.16 m
height    2.56 m
Armament    2-cm KwK 36 L / 45 (100 rounds)
2 (or 3) MG34 (1,500 rounds each)
Armor    11 mm
crew    6 men (including 2 drivers)
engine    Austro-Daimler M612, 6-cyl, 12 lit, 150 hp
speed    70 km / h
Range    Terrain 225 km,
road 450 km


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