Keyword catalog

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A keyword catalog is a library catalog that records publications according to the keywords assigned to them . All words that appear in the title of the publication can be used as a keyword.

It is related to the keyword catalog, which lists publications according to the keywords assigned to them . While a keyword should reflect the topic of a publication, keywords are taken directly from the title of the publication, in which it must appear. The chosen keyword should describe the publication as well as possible. The general rule is that indexing using keywords has prevailed over indexing using keywords. It is particularly difficult to find a suitable keyword when the title of a publication has nothing to do with its content.

A keyword catalog is a library catalog in which the library collection with keywords is recorded, which is usually from the property titles are won the recorded works. The keyword catalog is closely related to the keyword catalog . In the age of the OPACs , however, your own keyword catalogs have largely become meaningless.

The difference between key words and key words becomes clear in the following examples:

  • The title is "Nippon in Transition". Keyword: "Nippon", keyword: "Japan".
  • The title is "Germany's Reformer". Keyword: "Reformer", keyword: "Luther, Martin".
  • If a book is titled "The Black Forest", the keyword and catchphrase are identical: "Black Forest".

Keyword catalogs have similarities with keyword indexes (also index or register), which is why these terms are sometimes confused.