Struthers Arcade

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The Struthers arcade is a thickening of the upper arm fascia about 8 cm above the elbow joint . The muscle-fascia ligament is formed by the upper arm facia, the inner intermuscular septum and head mediale of the muscle triceps brachii and is present in about 70% of individuals. It can be viewed as a variation in the insertion of the triceps brachii muscle. The name goes back to the Scottish anatomist John Struthers , but he did not describe this fascia arch, but the Struthers ligament , a rare ligament structure on the lower arm.

The Struthers Arcade can cause nerve compression of the ulnar nerve , but it occurs much less often than the ulnar channel syndrome . This structure must also be taken into account during surgical interventions on the elbow, particularly when the ulnar nerve is displaced.

Individual evidence

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