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Tributaries: Þjórsá , Tungnaá
Drain: Þjórsá
Sultartangalón (Iceland)
Coordinates 64 ° 12 '34 "  N , 19 ° 28' 48"  W Coordinates: 64 ° 12 '34 "  N , 19 ° 28' 48"  W.
Data on the structure
Construction time: 1982-1984
Crown length: 6.1 m
Operator: Landsvirkjun
Data on the reservoir
Water surface 20 km²

The lake Sultartangarlón is located in the highlands of Iceland north of the volcano Hekla . The lake is located in the municipal triangle of Ásahreppur , Skeiða- og Gnúpverjahreppur and Rangárþing ytra .


Sultartangarlón is a reservoir of the rivers ójórsá and Tungnaá , both of which flow into the reservoir. The Hrauneyjafoss, Sultartangi and Vatnsfell power plants are located on the Tungnaá River . Its area measures 20 km², the lake is at an altitude of 297 above sea level.

The Sprengisandur highland piste leads past the lake to the north into the Icelandic highlands . The Háifoss waterfall is also within easy reach.


From 1982 to 1984 the Þjórsá and Tungnaá rivers were dammed east of the Sandfell mountain and about 1 km above the confluence in order to use their hydropower. The Sultartangi Dam is the longest dam in Iceland at 6.1 km in length. When the reservoir was created, a waterfall called Ármótafoss disappeared.

Initially, hydropower was used in the Búrfell power station , and from 1997 onwards in the Sultartangi power station . The lake was dammed up to meanwhile 20 km². The water is channeled to the Sultartangi power station through an approx. 3.5 km long tunnel that crosses the Sandfell mountain.

The old name of the area is Bláskógar (blue forest), which indicates earlier forest cover.

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