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Supertrump or Megatrump is a variant of the children's game life and death , which is played with quartet playing cards , for example .

Since this game is particularly popular with cards from a car quartet, it is often called the car quartet .

The rules of the game

Two or more people can take part in the game. The cards are shuffled and evenly distributed among the players. Each player holds his cards in a stack in his hand so that only the top sheet - and only for him - can be seen. The player to the left of the dealer now names any parameter of his card. These are mostly technical data, such as the number of cylinders in a quartet of cars , engine output in kW (or HP), maximum speed , maximum speed or acceleration .

The players now name the relevant data on their top card, and the player whose card has the best value wins the top cards of all players and puts them at the bottom of his package. Usually the highest value is considered the best, for some parameters the lowest - for example, when accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h, the lowest number of seconds wins. For some categories, such as weight, it is advisable to agree before the game which card is considered the better.

When two or more players have cards of the same best value, all players put their top cards in the middle and the players with the best value play a deciding round. The player who announced earlier again gives a key figure; the winner of this round wins the cards from the tied round in addition to the cards from the round.

If a player has lost all cards, he is eliminated and the game continues with the remaining participants. The winner is whoever won all cards last.

Since the game can take a long time, it is advisable to set a time limit. The winner is then whoever has the most cards at the end of the agreed game time. Supertrump is known as Top Trumps in the US ; another name is everlasting .

Quartet playing cards

The first car quartet was published in 1952 by the German company ASS . In addition to car quartets, cards with vehicles of all kinds, such as motorcycles , ships , trains and airplanes, are very popular, as these cards can also be used for Super Trump .

Game strategy

Autoquartett is less of a game of chance than a strategy game with elements of chance . The person who is just starting the game round has the best chances of winning, since they determine the vehicle parameter that is decisive for this round. It is advantageous to know the technical properties of the car models shown and their importance compared to those of the other vehicles. Since the cards are not shuffled until the winner has been determined, the strategic challenge also consists in memorizing or at least guessing which cards the other players are currently showing.


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