Surat Shabd Yoga

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Surat Shabd Yoga (Attention Sound Current) is the meditation form of the Sant Mat movement (Path of Masters). The practitioner strives to perceive inner light or sound in meditation. An additional element is the mental recitation of special mantras (Simran), which offer protection from negative influences and are supposed to direct divine energies on themselves. Belonging to a classical religion does not exclude the practice of Surat Shabd Yoga.

Initiation ritual

The practice begins with an initiation ritual, comparable to a Buddhist transmission ( Abhisheka or VAK). This ritual is performed by a guru (light bearer), master or an authorized person (IBV). Unauthorized disclosure of initiation instructions is believed to cause serious spiritual damage. The ritual lasts about 3 hours. The initiation includes the following steps:

  • Introduction to Sant Mat
  • Disclosure of the requirements (especially not eating meat, fish, eggs, alcohol and other drugs )
  • Transmission of meditation instructions with names of God used for meditation
  • Meditation on light and sound

A connection with other students, an organization or the master is recommended but not necessary.


Light and sound are viewed as directly perceptible aspects of the revelation of the supreme god Radhasoami . The goal is the step-by-step connection of the human being with the light / sound current, which ultimately means becoming one with the superpolar state of the always unrevealed nameless and wordless (Alakh, Agam and Anami). In this state the student is only pure consciousness and part of the highest god Radhasoami and acts as such. This state should open up self-knowledge, God-realization, deep inner peace, inexhaustible love and perfect understanding for all living beings.


Due to uncertainties in the succession of many gurus, a variety of groups arose, some of which are opposed to each other. The names of God given for meditation differ from one another depending on the Guru belonging to them. Sant Kirpal Singh (1894–1974) gave Muslim students their names in the Arabic form, which comes from the Islamic Sufi tradition, but most of the others in the form given by the Sikh gurus . While it is often five words, with some gurus fewer, with some Radhasoami groups only one or even none at all. This seems doubtful against the background of the tradition that has existed since Guru Nanak . It is claimed that the truth is that the practitioners cannot see or hear anything.


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