Symington Family Estates

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Symington Family Estates

legal form Sociedade Anónima (SA)
founding ~ 1885
Seat Vila Nova de Gaia , Portugal
Branch Wine & Spirits

Symington Family Estates , in short: Symington is a Portuguese company that specializes in the production and trading of Portuguese wine , in particular Port and Madeira . Over the years Symington has bought up numerous port wine houses and has thus become one of the largest port wine providers worldwide (global market share> 30%, as of 2008).

The Symington family is a member of the Primum Familiae Vini , a global association of traditional, leading family businesses for wine growing and trading.


The company goes back to Andrew James Symington (1863–1939), a Scotsman who emigrated to Portugal in 1882 to trade in port wine and other Portuguese goods. He first worked for Graham's, another port dealer, but after a few years went into business for himself. In 1891 he married Beatrice Atkinson (1870–1916), whose family was closely associated with the port wine trade for several generations until the 17th century. In 1905 Symington acquired shares in Warre & Co., the oldest British port wine trading company. Shares in Dow's, another well-known port house, followed in 1912 .

After the death of AJ Symington and after the difficult period of World War II, the Symington family continued to expand: in 1970, Graham’s (the house where the company's founder was once employed) and Smith Woodhouse were added. A few other specialized companies and wineries followed.

Today Symington is one of the most important port wine trading groups worldwide, with a market share of around 30%, alongside Sogevinus and Sogrape .


The following wineries, trading houses and brands belong to Symington:

port wine Madeira Douro - DOC wine
  • Graham's
  • Dow's
  • Warre's
  • Smith Woodhouse
  • Quinta do Vesuvio
  • Gould Campbell
  • Quarles Harris
  • Martinez
  • Blandy's
  • Cossart Gordon
  • Leacock's
  • Miles
  • Chryseia
  • Altano

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