Cova do Viriato dam

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Cova do Viriato dam
Tributaries: Poios Brancos
Drain: Poios Brancos
Cova do Viriato dam (Portugal)
Cova do Viriato dam
Coordinates 40 ° 18 '34 "  N , 7 ° 33' 39"  W Coordinates: 40 ° 18 '34 "  N , 7 ° 33' 39"  W.
Data on the structure
Construction time: 1976 to 1982
Height above valley floor: 22 m
Height above foundation level : 28 m
Height of the structure crown: 1,576 m
Building volume: 19,000 m³
Crown length: 202 m
Crown width: 4 m
Data on the reservoir
Altitude (at congestion destination ) 1,574.4 m
Water surface 0.235 km²dep1
Storage space 1.48 million m³
Total storage space : 1.5 million m³
Design flood : 34 m³ / s

The dam Cova do Viriato ( Portuguese Barragem da Cova do Viriato ) is located in the central region of Portugal in the Castelo Branco district . It dams the Poios Brancos to a reservoir (port. Lago do Viriato ). The town of Covilhã is about five kilometers southeast of the dam.

The project to build the dam began in 1976. The construction was completed in 1982. The dam is used to supply drinking water. It is owned by the Serviços Municipalizados da Covilhã .

Barrier structure

The barrier structure is a gravity dam with a height of 28 m above the foundation level (22 m above the river bed). The top of the wall is at an altitude of 1,576 m above sea level . The length of the top of the wall is 202 m and its width 4 m. The volume of the dam is 19,000 m³.

The dam wall has both a bottom outlet and a flood relief . A maximum of 12 m³ / s can be discharged via the bottom outlet, and a maximum of 3.8 m³ / s via the flood discharge. The design flood is 34 m³ / s.


With the normal storage target of 1,574.4 m (maximum 1,575 m at high water), the reservoir extends over an area of ​​around 0.235 km² and holds 1.5 million m³ of water - of which 1.48 million m³ can be used.

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