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The tanker shipping company Julius Schindler was founded by Julius Schindler in 1927 , forced into the Third Reich and, after the Second World War , shipping interests were pooled in the Julius Schindler partner shipping company .


The oil merchant Julius Schindler founded an oil company in Hamburg in 1908 to sell a Russian mineral oil refinery. His company had exclusive distribution rights for Western European countries as well as overseas, and by 1914 he exported large quantities of Russian machine oil to the United States, among others, and imported American mineral oil to Europe. During the war he imported Romanian mineral oil to Germany. In 1917 he acquired the mineral oil works in Peine and in 1918 a mineral oil works in Hamburg Neuhof, which he modernized, expanded and renamed Oelwerke Julius Schindler GmbH in 1921.

Shipping company

In addition to tank wagons, he also used tank barges for transport, which were loaded and unloaded with their own loading bridges. In 1920 Schindler acquired the wheeled tractor Mottlau to haul his tank barges in the Baltic and North Sea. In 1922 he bought the tanker Salahadji with 2,295 GRT, 3,450 tdw, which was built in 1889 and which he renamed Gustav Schindler to supply the oil works . The tanker steamer delivered in 1898 under the name Wasserfahrzeug III by the Lübeck shipyard Henry Koch to the Kaiserliche Werft Kiel was also taken over by the Julius Schindler oil works in 1922. In 1922, the new Julius Schindler ship with 2,770 GRT and 3,950 tdw was delivered by the German shipyard .

In 1927 the shipping company Julius Schindler GmbH, based in Hamburg, was founded and already owned four ships. By Hamburg Reiherstieg yard of 1924 tugboat oil Schindler VI delivered. In 1928 the tank steamer (Bauj ,. 1902) Masconomo was taken over by shipping company Julius Schindler and renamed Irma Schindler . The tanker Gustav Schindler (2) with 3,248 GRT, 5,170 tdw is listed as number 7 in the shipping company list, which was delivered as Astrakhan in 1892 and was bought by the Julius Schindler shipping company in 1929. The tank steamer Tankschindler with 6,331 GRT, 8,960 tdw, which was delivered to Shell in 1901, was even larger . The tank lighter W 84 , built in 1918 by the Wesemünder shipyard G. Seebeck, was delivered in 1920 as an Oelschindler to the Julius Schindler oil works and converted into the tanker Olifer at the Nobiskrug shipyard . The situation was comparable with the motor tanker Helios , which was delivered to the Imperial Navy by the G. Seebeck shipyard as the W 85 tank lighter . The motor tanker Oelschindler 1,533 GRT, 2,175 tdw came from the Nobiskrug shipyard in 1935 and was renamed Gustav Schindler in 1936.

The Julius Schindler oil works and the Julius Schindler tanker shipping company were confiscated by the Nazi regime in 1938. After the war, the Julius Schindler oil works no longer operated its own shipping company. The shipping activities were represented by the partner shipping company Julius Schindler, which took over the motor tanker Julius Schindler (12,821 GRT, 18,450 tdw) in 1955 and was managed by the shipping company Ernst Russ .

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