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Techsnabexport ( Russian Техснабэкспорт, Tekhsnabexport ) or TENEX is a state-owned Russian company founded in 1963. It operates worldwide, dealing in uranium - nuclear fuel and provides services. It works closely with the companies of Atomenergoprom together producing nuclear materials and provide technical, medical and other equipment with radioactive substances.

Vladimir Alexeyevich Smirnov became general director in 2002 .

On January 19, 2007, the Russian Parliament created the Act “On the Specifics of Management and Disposal of Ownership and Shares in Nuclear Energy Enterprises and Relevant Changes to Some Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation”, the Atomenergoprom - a holding company for everyone Russian companies in the civil nuclear industry, which include Tekhsnabexport, the nuclear energy producer Energoatom , the nuclear fuel cycle producer and supplier TWEL and the atomic facility designer Atomstroyexport .

Smirnov's successor was Alexey Antonovich Grigoriev in 2007.

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