Tenor saxophone

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Tenor saxophone.
Notated and sounding range

The tenor saxophone is a medium-low range saxophone tuned in Bb. As a transposing musical instrument it sounds a major ninth lower than notated , i.e. H. a sounding c 1 is noted as d 2 for the tenor saxophone .

The pitch range (sounding) extends from A to E 2 (notated in the treble clef B 0 - F sharp 3 ). The so-called "overtones" (see overtones ) can also be used to play in significantly higher registers.

Ever since Coleman Hawkins introduced a new tone color for the saxophone in the mid-1920s - moving away from the supple and sweetish to the gripping, rough and hoarse - jazz has been “tenorized”. The most famous jazz tenor saxophonists include Joshua Redman , John Coltrane , Sonny Rollins , Wayne Shorter and Lester Young .

Reed mouthpieces for tenor saxophone.


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